3D Printing Progress

It has taken us a long time, but we’ve finally come into a reliable source for our prototype miniatures!

Our first prototype for the Halberdier character has been made this week, and we are very excited to continuing improving our design from here and forge forward down the list of the roster of characters we plan to include in the first wave of our game.


MACE went great! We were able to try out several matches with new friends and even try out the game with more than two players in a single game.

Thank you to everyone that came by our table to check the game out and give it a roll! We’re already looking forward to next year.

Special thanks to the staff of MACE for running the event!

MACE Preparations

We’ll be attending MACE in Charlotte, North Carolina this November 10th through 12th.

We’ll have a table that Friday evening in their Gallery room seating for 1 vs 1 matches. That Saturday and Sunday we’ll have a larger table in the Lakeview room for multiplayer games or multiple 1 vs 1 matches.

We’re preparing a few custom Warbands to bring out and represent our various factions on the board. Come out and try Varah Chronicles for yourself!

You can find out more about MACE by following this link.

Bladebound Warbands

Brigands, marauders and outlaws the Bladebound are people outside society diving into conflict for coin rather than honor and glory.


Scattered from the snowy forests of the Protectorate to the muggy marshes of Suden, warbands of bladebound can be found striking out a living in the most unwelcoming environments.

A full introduction to the faction can be found Here.


Therians are the bastards between beast and man. No other can’t count themselves more an outcast to civilization than their kin. Monsters in both appearance and battle, warbands happily welcome the savages to their ranks. More about Therians can be found Here as well.

Neora Isles

The sole heirs to the sun and hunters of the skies of Varah, the people of Neora fly aloft feathered wings.


Neora are an avian race that has reigned supreme in the skies for an eon. Their colonies float upon scattered chunks of stone and dirt caught in Varah’s lowest atmosphere.

A full introduction to the faction can be found Here.


Accipit are the boldest hunters among avians. They are a high spirited and courageous breed above the normal bloodlines in a colony. More about Accipit can be found Here as well.

Varah Chronicles

We are proud to announce our new title for Blackhilt’s first series “Varah Chronicles”.

This change was made in favor of naming the game after something coming from the game’s own story. Previously, the title “Awnslawt” was chosen as a means for copyright and a phonetic alternate to “Onslaught”. The term did not pertain to the gameplay nor the game’s world, rather it was a cool looking word in our eyes. The fear other, larger media, obscuring our title because of their larger audience was also taken into consideration.

We had held a poll for the several interested followers to help us choose a new title. Most of these votes favored “Onslaught” and the rest were divided in groups of 3 or 2 on other minor titles that were discovered to be already developed games or even entire companies after further research behind them.

Our game is set within our own created universe. In this universe our tales mainly follow the events of the planet Varah and the civilizations that have formed upon the world. The setting is following a timeline of events and most of our tales are very informative about the societies or warriors in those societies.

We are actively developing the universe and those who inhabit it. We hope to write great tales of heroes and illustrate a majestic world from our imaginations. We are chronicling events and our timeline grows every week.

Membrian Clusters

Moving houses, wedding shenanigans and day-work overtime… oh my! Pardon the hiatus for the past few weeks. We’ve still writing and designing along the way.


Onto the inhabitants from beyond the planetary system Varah resides, the Membrians!

Membrian Clusters have began spreading throughout the southern hemisphere of Varah since a space cruiser of their kin was assailed by dragons residing on Varah itself. The surviving Membrians have slowly multiplied throughout the millennia, building in the background of the wars upon Egronest.

A full introduction to the faction can be found Here.


Brinemarines are the primary shock trooper of the Membrian forces. Accompanied by their crustacean comrades, the brinemarines assault from afar with pneumatic weaponry. More about brinemarines can be found Here as well.

Kraskozah Tribes

The prominent predators of the Suden wetlands, the Kraskozah are the savage kings of Egronest.


Kraskozah are the warrior culture that inhabits most of the Suden peninsula. They’ve constantly been in conflict with the more civilized empires of Egronest, their people respecting individual strength more than the royal claims of nobles.

A full introduction to the faction can be found Here.


Chieftains are the strongest warriors among their kin. They are determined individuals who have surpassed others in their tribe to obtain the world through their might. More about Chieftains can be found Here as well.

Umbrithir Federation

Inhabitants of the Umbrithir peninsula, the Federation harbors their vessels through its bleak badlands.


The Umbrithir Federation is a collection of city-states paying homage to the laws made by their owning council of Matriarchs. Those queen of their owning city seat upon the council, although no sit contains the same royal for long.

A full introduction to the faction can be found Here.


Driders are monstrous, yet elegant creatures who are a result of the cut-throat society of the Federation. More about Driders can be found Here as well.

Kriegan Holds

The resolute and vigilant people hailing from the Red Mountains.

The Kriegan Holds are one of the oldest empires on Egronest. Their highly skilled craftsmen have built grand monuments that strike awe in all and belittle the feats of many other civilizations.

A full introduction to the faction can be found Here.


Exemplars are one of the most elite warriors across the Kriegan legions. More about Exemplars can be found Here as well.