Varah Chronicles

We are proud to announce our new title for Blackhilt’s first series “Varah Chronicles”.

This change was made in favor of naming the game after something coming from the game’s own story. Previously, the title “Awnslawt” was chosen as a means for copyright and a phonetic alternate to “Onslaught”. The term did not pertain to the gameplay nor the game’s world, rather it was a cool looking word in our eyes. The fear other, larger media, obscuring our title because of their larger audience was also taken into consideration.

We had held a poll for the several interested followers to help us choose a new title. Most of these votes favored “Onslaught” and the rest were divided in groups of 3 or 2 on other minor titles that were discovered to be already developed games or even entire companies after further research behind them.

Our game is set within our own created universe. In this universe our tales mainly follow the events of the planet Varah and the civilizations that have formed upon the world. The setting is following a timeline of events and most of our tales are very informative about the societies or warriors in those societies.

We are actively developing the universe and those who inhabit it. We hope to write great tales of heroes and illustrate a majestic world from our imaginations. We are chronicling events and our timeline grows every week.

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