The cursed lands of Blackwyrm are rife with undead horrors.

Blackwyrm is a region of the continent Egronest where the the corrupt nobility enslaved their people through the abuse of dark aetherial arts.

A full introduction to the faction can be found Here.


Wraiths are one of the many monstrosities that lurk Blackwyrm’s dreaded landscape. More about Wraiths can be found Here as well.

Imithiri Protectorate

Introducing our elven faction, the Imithiri Protectorate.

The Imithiri are people of the forests, living as part of nature and have a firm bond with the magical forces of aether within all living things.

A full introduction to the faction can be found Here.


The Mages of the Protectorate are one of the many roles within Imithiri society. As much a part of their civilization as they are leaders on the fields of battle. More about Mages can be found Here as well.

Asalond Kingdoms

Our goal is to build more than just a game, but also a unique world the game exists in. The appearance of figurines inspired by artwork and stories created to depict this world.


Our first introduction is of our human faction, the Asalond Kingdoms.

The Asalondians are people ruled over by their monarchs who hail to the governing Ecclesiarch.

A full introduction to the faction can be found Here.


The halberdiers are soldiers of the Asalond Kingdoms, and an entry further describing their practice and character can be found Here as well.

Beta Rules

Awnslawt’s rules are constantly being worked on and improved. From the early stages of being a basic game about mercenaries, to the current day hex-grid fantasy battle. Every step forward is aided by the earnest criticisms of new people always giving the game a shot or the rules a read over in their current edition.

Tim has worked on some great graphics recently to aid the representation of rules in the current Beta. Some rules come across a lot easier with pictures oppose to large paragraphs.

A copy of the beta rules can be found here: About Awnslawt along with an example faction options list for the Asalond Kingdoms.

The World

Awnslawt’s characters are not only inspired from history but also an entire fantasy universe built from scratch. The world of Varah is the current theater for the characters of Awnslawt, within it comes many empires and factions of power.

Asalond Kingdoms: Human cities and provinces under the guidance of the Draconic Church.


Blackwyrm: A province cursed with the plague of undeath, ruled by ruthless barons and their death mages.


Imithiri Protectorate: Forest lands of the elf kin, bound together by the great spirit tree Arné.


Kraskozah Tribes: Warlike barbarians hailing from the southern marshlands.


Kriegan Holds: Stout defenders from the high peaks of the Red Mountains.


Membrian Clusters: Crustacean monsters from another world pressed forward by their cephalopod masters.


Neora Isles: Island chains floating high amidst the clouds of Varah harboring the avian peoples.


Bladebound: Free companies of warriors traversing the realm in search of glory and treasures.


Umbrithir Federation: City states unified in exile from their once elf kin, now a society rife with pirates and assassins.


Vorax: Unspeakable horrors born from the raw forces of Aether, spilling forth into the world through foul and misused magic.


More information on these factions and the people within them will be released as our stories are written and characters are illustrated to represent them.

First 3D Model

Our first character has been 3D modeled by Tim Fisher.

The Halberdier is a common soldier in the ranks of the Human Theocracy. They’re clad in armor, inspired from history’s 15th century Gothic plate armour.

As named, these soldiers are armed with halberds enabling them to strike opponents from a distance and disarm foes in the board game.


More about the Human Theocracy and fully printed Halberdiers will be coming soon!

Unpub Mini 2017

The Unpub Mini event we attended went fantastically for both receiving positive feedback and having new people try out Awnslawt. We were able to have steady gameplay through out the whole event, and show off the game more than we have been able to before.

Here are a few photos from the event:

We had a great time and could not have gotten a better response to the game than from the people who tried it out. Special thanks to Jonah, Blu, Maya, Aidan, JC, and others for stopping by our table to check out the game and give us feedback. We look forward to the next event we’re able to attend!


Another thanks to Matt Wolfe for hosting the event and putting everything together. Game Designers of NC is a great community we are happy to be able to participate with.

3D Printing

For Awnslawt, we’ve been debating the best method in making our miniatures a physical reality and the best way to go about engineering them for the game. Between injection molds and 3D printing there are plenty of differences between them and how the miniatures are actually designed and put together.

With help from our friend Fredrik, owner of The Product Farm, we’ve gained some more direction of how to craft our miniatures and terrain. With Tim leading the way on our character design, we’re hoping to start showing off some prototypes for our miniatures being 3D printed this summer.

There are all sorts of marvelous creations people have come up with using 3D printing in the past, and every year the technology is advancing and catering even more to the art industry.

3D printing has been around now for almost 40 years. Its original usage in the medical and mechanical fields are still prominent, but prices for lower end machines are around the price of household appliances.

Still, the type of plastic and level of detail we’re engineering for in Awnslawt’s figurines demands more top end machines worth several thousand dollars to purchase or require renting industrial machines through companies like Shapeways.

It takes a decent amount of time for complex structures to be printed through these machines, but it is impressive what they’re capable of crafting with a little heated plastic in that time.

Take the Isis One Desktop for example in this video below:

40 mm birdcage printed on the Isis One Desktop 3D Printer

Game Logo

The art of Awnslawt has been steadily progressing while we’ve been finalizing the ruleset. Tim has refined our emblem for Awnslawt, giving us an icon to identify the game with.


Along with the logo, Jamie has created this beautiful work featuring a female Umbr for our Facebook banner.

The Umbr are a strong and fiercely independent race. The Umbr take the battle to the other races of Varah primarily through raiding, piracy, and assassinations.  On the tabletop they feature a great mix of maneuverability, accuracy, and plenty of tricks to confound and destroy their opponents.

The Game

Awnslawt is a medieval fantasy skirmish board game. In Awnslawt players take command of miniatures that represent warriors from the fantasy world of Varah and pit them against the warriors of other players. Winning or losing a game depends on how many enemy warriors you slay and how much of the board you control.

Battles in Awnslawt take place on hexagonal grid-lined boards designed specifically for the game.

Digitally designed by Tim Fisher, these boards have been created to easily line up with other boards expand play area for larger battles. The boards are also crafted with our terrain rules in mind. Along with our models, we plan to develop our very own collection of terrain pieces that fit the game in every respect.

Every warrior has a point cost determined by their characteristics. A warrior’s characteristics, along with their special rules, differentiate them from other player’s warriors and each other. Each warrior comes with summary cards to display all of their necessary information in an easy-to-access format during play.


Spell cards and upgrade cards may be attached to summary cards to modify the warrior’s abilities and characteristics.

Awnslawt currently contains more than one hundred warriors for players to choose from to build their own personal warband. Leading the warriors are customizable characters with dozens of spells and upgrades to choose from.

While Illustrating artwork of the Awnslawt world and engineering our miniatures to allow the most detail, we hope to receive as much feedback as we can on our beta version of Awnslawt. From warband construction to interaction between warriors, the more players we have experience our game, the more we are able to optimize Awnslawt’s design.