Grand Story

Awnslawt is a board game involving battles between players using miniatures and actions decided by the rolls of dice. Beyond this reality, those miniatures have an appearance based on the universe Awnslawt is in. Those die depict the actions of the characters and warriors who live and breath in a fantastical world filled will all manor of creatures and empires.

The medieval fantasy world of Varah has many empires competing across its landscapes. Each is represented in the board game by their own faction army list where players build their own personal warband of warriors from. Their tactics and art design all inspired by Earth’s history blended with a variety of fantasy novels.

The Hollow Hunt” is the first short story written that takes place in Awnslawt’s universe. In this tale, Margrave Alais and her centauric ally, Gautan, track down a monstrous Wraith across part of the Lumenian Empire.

The objective of Awnslawt is to be not only a tactical board game, but also a world full of character. As we develop the world more, stories of characters from every corner on Varah will be written and continue to impact the artistic direction of the game.

Unpub Mini

Unpub is hosting an event Saturday, April 29th at the Atomic Empire

We hope to make their full convention next year, but this mini convention is perfect to start introducing our game to the community and get a great array of feedback to the game.

We’ll have a table there to show off our Beta version of Awnslawt, our medieval fantasy skirmish board game.

We’ll be posting more information about the game over the course of April, and continue showing off updates as Awnslawt develops from here on out.

Check out our game and other prototypes here: Unpub Mini Events