About Us

Nathaniel White

Founder/Game Designer

Nate is a long time wargame hobbyist with over 12 years of experience in assembling, painting, and playing games with fantasy, historical, and sci-fi themed miniatures. Born and raised in North Carolina, he has frequented local game store Atomic Empire since it first opened as Sci-fi Genre in Durham in 2006. He currently works for VFC Lightning Protection and Grounding Solutions as a lightning protection installer.


Max Betts

Editor/Lore Monger

Max has been an RPG and RTS game enthusiast since the age of 9 when he discovered the Diablo and Starcraft series.  He entered the wargaming scene in high school and became fascinated with the deep lore of the Warhammer universe.  Since then he has spent his free time reading fantasy and sci-fi novels and playing as many video games as possible.  He currently works at the NCSU Phytotron while working on his degree in plant biology.


Courtney Roof

Story Writer/Character Designer

Courtney has been an avid fantasy/science fiction writer since a young age.  She developed a passion for gaming in high school with large titles Mass Effect and Dragon Age, and has since studied Psychology, English, and Creative writing at UNC Chapel Hill.  She spends her free time reading, writing, gaming, and hanging out with her cats.